What is a Disability Attorney?

A disability attorney in Atlanta, Georgia, is a lawyer who specializes in Georgia Workers’ Compensation, federal Veterans’ Administration Disability, Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI). When an attorney focuses on these specific practice areas, it means that they are deeply invested in the details of the law surrounding disability, the Social Security Administration and their changing rules, and what’s happening on the state level with workers’ compensation claims. A disability attorney normally won’t handle other legal issues like family law or criminal law. 

Simply put, they are subject matter experts in disability claims. 

A disability attorney acts as the liaison for the client when communicating with the Social Security Administration. This ensures that the SSA has the right information regarding the claimant’s case. They will help you build your file with the correct medical records that show the correlation between your injury and your work history. This step is crucial, as it connects the medical realities to the claimant’s job duties and how the injury affects their life. 

When Should you Contact a Disability Attorney?

Although you can retain an attorney at any point in your disability claim, the sooner you contact a disability attorney, the better. This is because a disability attorney can help you build your medical file from the beginning with the most important and looked-for details that will strengthen your case. Often, when a claimant builds their file themselves, they don’t know exactly what the SSA is looking for, so they either include too much or too little. 

A disability attorney knows how to connect your injury to the rules and regulations in the law. Your attorney is also the one who speaks for you in front of the administrative law judge, and can articulate the specifics of your case to the judge. Your attorney will also know what a specific administrative law judge may be looking for in a case based on their prior experience with that judge. By having this knowledge, they can prepare you for a successful hearing. 

Technically, a disability attorney can step in at any time. From the start, you can schedule a free case evaluation and we can sit with you and learn about your case, and then give you our expert opinion on how best to proceed. We can also join you in the middle of the process, when you’ve already filed for Social Security Disability Insurance and need to strengthen your case. Even if you’ve been denied, it’s not too late to seek the professional assistance of a disability attorney. 64% of all initial SSI claims are denied, but with the right legal representation, we can help you receive the benefits even after an initial denial. 

What do I do if my claim has been denied? 

  1. Request an appeal within the 60-day limit. If you have time remaining, seek legal representation to complete the appeal on your behalf. 
  2. If you haven’t already sought legal representation, do so now.
  3. Find out why you were denied, learn what a denial means, and learn what you can do to improve your odds of winning your appeal.

What’s the Cost for a Disability Attorney? 

An SSI lawyer only collects a fee if they win your case. There is no upfront cost to seek legal representation, and even if your claim is eventually denied, you won’t owe your SSI lawyer any fees. If you win your case, an SSI lawyer will be paid directly from the Social Security Administration from your past-due benefits, known as backpay. That fee will typically be 25% of your back pay but not to exceed $6,000, whichever is less. 

Benefits of a Free Case Evaluation:Sign up for a free case evaluation

  1. You get the information you need to proceed.
  2. The fee is the same whether you contact an attorney one week or one year before a SS hearing. In fact, many attorneys will not want to accept a case extremely late in the process. The earlier you contact an attorney, the more they can help guide your case.
  3. There is only a fee if you win your case. 

Why Have an Attorney? 

  • Your case will be taken seriously by the SSA and the judge when you have representation.
  • A local attorney knows the details of the system and the people involved.
  • You won’t omit important information that may help you win your benefits.
  • They’ll represent you in a hearing and will help you prepare your statement.
  • You won’t miss important deadlines for filing documents and appeals.
  • A disability attorney is only paid if you win your claim.
  • It brings peace of mind knowing you have a legal team looking out for your best interests.
  • You’re more likely to win benefits with legal representation.





Here at Affleck & Gordon, our commitment to our clients sets us apart from attorneys in general practice. We specialize in winning SSI and SSDI for you, and we care about you and your success. We’ve helped over 40,000 people in the Atlanta, Georgia area gain benefits in the past four decades, and we can help you, too. We’re the local, experienced disability attorney you’ve been looking for in Georgia. We’re looking forward to helping you win the benefits you deserve. 

Let us help you today. Let us help you today

If your Supplemental Security Income or Social Security Disability Insurance claim has been denied, or you’re thinking about filing and don’t know where to start, Affleck & Gordon can help. We’ve been helping people in Georgia just like you for over 40 years. Sign up for a free case evaluation here, or call us (404) 373-1649.


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